Recovery Programs


No matter where you find yourself today, God wants to give you hope and a future. The first step is allowing Him to uproot the sinful beliefs in your heart, and replace them with a strong foundation on truth! Our Recovery Program was designed for those fighting addiction, but there is a plan to help anyone with deeply entrenched issues that hinder their daily lives.













A Holistic Program

Our 12 month program is comprised of 2 phases and 2 main goals: 1) to establish a solid foundation for long-term recovery and 2) shift focus from merely overcoming addiction to becoming a healthy, whole person in Christ. An optional second year comprised of phases 3 and 4 is available for those who wish to continue in the program.


Phase 1 (The first 6 months)

  • Orientation Class
  • Weekly Randomized Drug / Alcohol Test
  • Regular workouts
  • Daily homework 
  • Weekly Group Counseling sessions
  • Weekly Individual counseling sessions 
  • Attend The Field Church 2 Sundays per month (unless you are a member of one of our local partner churches)
  • Work – if not currently employed, we will support you as you actively search for employment  
  • Life Skills Classes – educational sessions teaching practical life skills (Financial Literacy, Nutrition & Exercise, and Mindset, etc.)
  • Accountability through Recovery Advocate & Case Manager 
  • Optional Monthly Support Group for Recovery Advocates

Phase 2

  • Random Drug Tests
  • Regular workouts
  • Daily homework 
  • Weekly Group Counseling sessions 
  • Weekly Individual counseling sessions  
  • Continue attending The Field Church (or home church)
  • Continue working
  • Begin a discipleship relationship through church
  • Life Skills Classes
  • Continued accountability
  • Optional Support Group for Recovery Advocates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the program?

While traditional recovery programs cost thousands of dollars each month, the Nehemiah Project  Program makes all of our services available to you for $699/month. We do not accept health insurance, but can provide receipts and documentation for those seeking reimbursement. 

What do I need to begin?

Participants in a recovery program must have:

  1. A Recovery Advocate, who must be sober and willing to have daily contact with you, preferably a spouse or family member.
  2. A true desire to experience freedom from the cycle of harmful behavior!

It’s important that you make the choice for yourself to take this step toward recovery!

How does the program work?

The Nehemiah Project Program is a holistic Recovery Program that rehabilitates all aspects of the person. The Bible shows us that all things in an individual’s life have a spiritual foundation, and that all people are made in the image of God. This is why everyone has dignity!

The most integral part of our program that we will use to facilitate freedom in your life is the truth of God’s Word. It is the foundation for the biblical counseling you will receive in both individual and group formats, as well as course material and Bible studies. You will also strengthen your mind and body through physical exercise and regular accountability in your program.

Finally, we believe that an essential part of helping you to build a new life is by teaching you financial management and entrepreneurial skills, which will be offered through regular Life Skills Classes. The goal is not only to facilitate recovery in your own life, but also to help you become a person who contributes to your support system and larger community.

How do I get started?

To take the first step, give us a call at (985) 205-3022 to schedule your Recovery Program Consultation. All prospective clients are required to complete a 30-minute consultation & tour of our facility before moving forward with intake. 

Are you ready to break free?

Fill out this contact form to let us know how we can help. We will follow up with you to schedule an appointment. You can also reach out to us at (985) 205-3022.