Our theme for the first annual SERBCC is
"Confidence in Christ-Centered Counseling!"

Is biblical counseling truly sufficient to help those with mental and emotional struggles, or do we need a more clinical approach?

Can Scripture really deal with all matters of life and relationships, or should we turn to psychology for deeper insight?

How can we claim to know what is true?

Our God authoritatively brings to light the only way to healing and freedom through His Word!

Join us for the first annual Southeast Regional Biblical Counseling Conference on April 12-13, 2024 as we seek to build your “Confidence in Christ Centered Counseling!”



Event Schedule

Friday, April 12th

4:30pm Registration Opens

| Exhibitor Tables Open

5:45 Worship & Welcome

6:00 Plenary 1 – Dr. Jim Newheiser

7:00 Break for Refreshments

7:30 Workshop 1

8:30 Dismiss

Saturday, April 13th

8:30am Light Snacks

9:00 Worship

9:15 Plenary 2 Dr. Stuart Scott

10:15 Break

10:30 Workshop 2  

11:30 Lunch Break

1:00 Plenary 3Dr. Jim Newheiser

2:00 Break

2:15 Workshop 3 

3:15 Break

3:30 Plenary 4 – Dr. Stuart Scott

4:30 Close

*Meals will not be provided for the duration of the conference; however, we are offering a wide variety of snacks and refreshments during every break period.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions will focus on the sufficiency of Scripture to address every problem of life, even those which may be considered more serious or difficult in the biblical counseling world. 

Friday, 6:00pm

A hallmark of sound theology is “Sola Scriptura” — that is the Bible alone is our ultimate authority. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 teaches that the Bible is not only inerrant, but it is also sufficient to give us the wisdom we need for every good work. What does it mean when we say that the Bible is enough? Are we saying that we can’t learn from other sources? What makes Scripture uniquely powerful for counseling?

Saturday, 9:15am

When the Christian is facing a “hard case,” what biblical principles should he/she be aware of as they approach this person or persons? This session should inform and refresh the Christian in the difficult counseling situations to the sufficient word of God that points them to their sufficient Savior.

Saturday, 1:00pm

God has given the church all we need to care for the souls of His people. We possess God’s Word, gifted leaders and counselors, the community of believers, and the Holy Spirit. We are grieved that many church leaders are reluctant to counsel and outsource their counseling to “professionals” who may not share our biblical worldview. How can the church do a better job of caring for the souls of its members? When might it be appropriate to seek outside help?

Saturday, 3:30pm

God’s Word was not meant to be theoretical but inherently practical for life. The guiding principles from my first session will be applied to a specific “hard case.” What would counseling this person look like at ‘sea-level’ vs a 30,000 foot overview towards the goal of becoming more Christlike?


Workshops will take a more focused look at applying the truth of God’s Word to particular hard cases, such as pornography addiction, abuse, divorce & remarriage, eating disorders, PTSD, and more. You can choose one workshop for each time slot – 1 on Friday evening, and 2 during the day on Saturday. 
Workshop topics will only be presented once, however your conference booklet will include the notes from all 10 workshop sessions.

Friday, 7:30pm

There are some critical doctrines that counselees must understand in order to grow spiritually and respond biblically to their struggles. This session will explain the basics, relevance, and importance of each doctrine. The counselor must be certain that the person understands five important doctrines.

Friday, 7:30pm

Sexual immorality takes many forms. The ubiquitous nature of social media makes this sin a uniquely available snare for believers. This workshop will demonstrate the sufficiency of God’s word to address the motives, desires, thoughts, deeds, and will in both diagnosing and escaping the ensnaring sin or pornography.

Friday, 7:30pm

Counselors need to know how to help a woman or child who has been sexually abused. These cases are especially personal. The spiritual struggles are presented and biblical help is given. The hope of the gospel is the answer.

Friday, 7:30pm

The prevalence of childhood sexual abuse in our culture requires counselors and ministers to consider it as the possible root cause for many of their counselees exhibiting signs of depression, post-traumatic stress, shame, and suicidal ideation in adulthood. Understanding how sexual abuse, particularly during childhood and adolescence, violates the body and soul of the victim, and subsequently shapes their sense of self and theology of God is critical to offering hope. This workshop will offer biblical themes that address the core beliefs of adults who are still suffering as a result of experiencing abuse in their formative years. 

Saturday, 10:30am

This talk defines the issue and presents the sin patterns underneath eating disorders and the Bible’s answers. We will use an actual counseling case as an example to study.

Saturday, 10:30am

God established marriage as the cornerstone of society, and His design for marriage is a lifelong covenant between a man and woman. We know that God hates divorce, so how should we counsel those in abusive marriages? Does God call the spouse to stay despite the danger? Although abuse is not explicitly addressed as an exception to God’s standard on marriage and divorce, acts of abuse violate the covenant of marriage God designed. Thankfully we have a gracious God who gives mercy to his church, and His word is sufficient to guide those navigating even the most difficult situations (Heb. 4:16-18).

Saturday, 10:30am

Our culture’s preoccupation with mental health betrays people’s dissatisfaction with themselves. Generally, people are unhappy with the way they are and it shows. Though modern therapies, psychological models, and pop culture tidbits offer a smorgasborg of manmade help, Scripture’s powerful, clear, and wise instruction is a sufficient guide for change among God’s people.

Saturday, 2:15pm

What is commonly known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is often one of the most challenging issues that biblical counselors face in their counseling ministry. Those struggling with OCD often become discouraged at the onslaught of unwanted intrusive thoughts, and many would go so far as to say that biblical counseling is not a sufficient counseling system to address such complex mental problems. However, OCD symptoms, as is common with so many other problems, are the result of unbiblical beliefs or responses to life. While the Bible clearly does not use the term Obsessive Compulsion, it does address the major themes that are pertinent to dealing with OCD biblically. This workshop offers a biblical understanding of Obsessive Compulsion and seeks to equip biblical counselors for addressing this problem in the lives of their counselees.

Saturday, 2:15pm

In this workshop, we will address events that cause trauma and our response to trauma in light of what Scripture tells us about the world in which we live.  We will look at how the truths of the gospel can change our response and help us deal with the post-traumatic stress that often results from terrible events and experiences in our lives. We will discuss the hope that the gospel provides for both the present and the future.

Saturday, 2:15pm

When someone gets sick, the symptoms of their illness tend to show up way before the root cause is exposed. This is not only true for our physical bodies but it’s true for our spiritual lives as well. Instead of focusing on the fruit of a counselee’s sin, biblical counselors need to help counselees find the root of their sin (Mark 7:21-23) and deal with it. This workshop offers a biblical understanding of real heart change in the lives of our counselees by identifying and overcoming heart idolatry.

Directions & Location Information

The conference will be held at The Field Church in Mandeville, Louisiana. 

The building is clearly visible from the highway, and there will be plenty of on site parking. There are several coffee shops and local restaurants nearby, but the area is not particularly walkable. 

Some buildings on the campus where workshops will be held are not connected to the main conference space, so it is recommended to bring the appropriate gear in the event of inclement weather.

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Registration Details & Cancellation Policy

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