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The Financial Stewardship Workshop begins May 2, 2022!

The Nehemiah Project’s Financial Stewardship Workshop will be offered in partnership with Varsity Wealth.

When: Monday evening, 6:00 – 7:30pm

Dates: May 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

Where: The Field Church

Cost to Attend: This 4-week workshop is open to all members of the community, as well as covenant members of The Field Church at a reduced cost. Childcare will be available for the cost of $10/week per child.  Included in the cost of the workshop is a custom workbook for each individual in attendance. After expenses, money raised will go to support The Nehemiah Project’s Building Fund. 

  • In-person registration for Couples: $299 
  • In-person registration for Individuals: $149
  • TFC Covenant Members: $99/couple, $49/individual
  • Livestream Option: $129

Why: This workshop will clarify what God actually says about money, wealth building, debt, savings/investing, and stewardship, and provide financial management tools for the everyday person that will help them honor God with their money and reach their financial goals the way the Bible prescribes.

What to Expect:

Week 1: What God Says About Money and How to Apply it

  • What the Bible says about money, wealth building, tithing, and debt.
  • How to practically apply these principles in your finances
  • Slide Show and presentation of “Getting Your Financial House in Order on “THE FOUNDATION”
  • Workshop of filling out your workbook on foundational pieces 

Week 2: What God Says About Tithing – God Doesn’t Want 10%

  • Clarifying the common misunderstandings of the “10% Idea”
  • Understanding the scriptural meaning of “the tithe”
  • Understanding God’s heart and purpose behind giving
  • Understanding the New Testament Prescriptions for giving

Week 3: What God Says About Careful Planning and Achieving Financial Goals

  • Getting your financial house in order “THE BUILD” and “The Design”
  • Workshop of filling out your workbook on Goal Setting 

Week 4: Putting It All Into Practice

  • Summary of importance of being a good steward of your finances biblically 
  • Summary of how important goals without action is worthless
  • Presenting personal plans to every participant with a full comprehensive financial plan that is complete with action Items!

We are only able to accept LIVESTREAM registration for the workshop at this time. Please fill out the registration form below and complete the payment process through PayPal. If you would prefer to pay by cash or check, please email after submitting your registration form.

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