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Marriage Minutes Assessment

Excerpt from the Book:

Intimacy Ignited: Discover The Fun And Freedom of God-Centered Sex by Dr. Joseph & Linda Dillow, Dr. Peter & Lorraine Pintus

Over a seven-day period, note the number of minutes you spend doing each of the following activities:

1. ____ Talking with your spouse when no one else is around.

2. ____ Discussing things related to just the two of you, excluding the kids, your parents, work, money, friends, or daily activities.

3. ____ Spending time just looking at each other.

4. ____ Having fun together, alone, in a mutually enjoyable activity.

5. ____ Making love, kissing, hugging, or touching each other.

6. ____ Talking about the future of your marriage, not about retirement funds, retirement homes, and insurance plans.

7. ____ Discussing world events, politics, or issues of the day. This means two-way talking and listening.

8. ____ Just sitting together doing the same thing or something different, such as reading, listening to music, sewing, and so on. Do not include television watching or computer time.

9. ____ Eating together without interruptions (no kids, no phones).

10. ____ Spending time in prayer, Bible reading, devotional reading, or worship together. (Do not include religious services.)

____ Total Marriage Minutes (MM)

Explanation: Estimated total number of Marriage Minutes (MM) available for relating to each other is 1,800 minutes, or thirty hours per week. Divide your total MM score by the 1,800 available minutes. For example, if you estimated your total MM to be 180, divide the 180 by 1,800 for an MM quotient. This would equate to 10 percent. If your score was near 10 percent, congratulations! In our overscheduled society, many couples don’t even rank above 5 percent. This tool can give you an indication of where marriage and intimacy fall on your priority list. If marriage is low on your list, how do you go about changing that? How do you find time in a schedule that is already jam-packed? Here are our top ten suggestions for grabbing time to be alone together.

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Week 1: The Purpose of Marriage

Week 2: The Commitment of Marriage

Week 3: The Role of the Husband

Week 4: The Role of the

Week 5: A Biblical View of Sex

Week 6: Stewardship

Week 7: Communication

Week 8: Conflict

Week 9: Common Pitfalls for the Husband and Wife​